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    Absorbance Readers


EMax Endpoint ELISA Microplate Reader


Sets the enduring standard for microplate analysis using filters for end-point absorbance measurements.

The EMax® Endpoint ELISA Microplate Reader from Molecular Devices, one of the pioneers in microplate detection, offers a ruggedly simple approach to dedicated endpoint assays. A staggering mean time between failure (MTBF) of 20,000 hours is achieved by 97 independent and stationary fiber optics so that the microplate remains stationary during the entire reading cycle, reducing the number of moving parts. No optical alignment needed during the lifetime of the instrument!
Through sequential, single-well illumination, 100% of the available light is directed to each well through the optical fibers to achieve linearity to higher optical densities (ODs) and optimal signal-to-noise ratios. At 5 seconds to read a 96-well endpoint assay, the EMax Microplate Reader has both the speed and performance to carry a heavy workload.
The EMax Microplate Reader is capable of reading up to two wavelengths at a time in the visible wavelength spectrum (400nm-750nm), with 4 filter choices included at time of purchase. Additional high-quality filters to supplement your assay wavelength range requirements are available directly from Molecular Devices.
EMax Microplate Readers can be operated as a stand-alone instrument and is also supplied with SoftMax® Pro Data Acquistion & Analysis Software, Molecular Devices' industry leading all-in-one data acquisition and analysis software.


Solid Performance for Dedicated Absorbance
- Extend uptime with an estimated 20,000 hour mean time between failure
 - Maximize assay signal-to-noise ratios through a unique optical system that directs all available light to each well. 
 - Achieve higher throughput with a 5 second microplate read time
Enabling Features
 - Read up to 2 wavelengths in endpoint absorbance for 96-well plates.
 - Mix samples in microplate wells by user-programmable Automix feature.
 - Operate without an attached computer using the onboard microprocessor.
 - Add assay flexibility with additional filters.
Comprehensive Reader Validation
Molecular Devices microplate readers have the most variety of tools available for users to meet their diverse hardware and software validation needs. Molecular Devices provides complete solutions with:
 - IQ/OQ/PQ Instrument Qualification documentation
 - SoftMax Pro Software validation package
 - Software tools for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


Performance Specifications
Wavelength Range: 400-750 nm
Photometric Range: 0.000 to 4.000 OD
Wavelength Selection: Filters
Photometric Resolution: 0.001 OD
Endpoint Read Time: 5 seconds
Temperature Range: Ambient