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    Auto-Amino Acid Analyser

Biochrom 30 Plus

Biochrom 30+ Series of Amino Acid Analyzers

The new Biochrom 30+ Series of Amino Acid Analyzers
Biochrom, as a leading manufacturer of high quality Amino Acid Analyzers, is proud to present the new Biochrom 30+ series.
Capitalizing on its 40 years of experience in amino acid analysis, Biochrom has improved the popular Biochrom 30 platform on hardware and methods to deliver a faster, more reliable, easier to use instrument that gives scientists highly reproducible and accurate results.
 * New! Accelerated Method for lithium system.
 * New! PC controlled Biochrom Autosampler with faster injection rate and more efficient cooling system.
 * New! Interchangeable sample trays that allow samples to be prepared in advance and stored refrigerated.
 * New! Improved dual piston pumps with ceramic pump head, integrated pressure transducers and drain valve

    mounted on angled brackets, providing a smoother baseline and allowing easier maintenance and robustness.
 * New! Ninhydrin filter/bubble trap allowing easier and faster line priming as well as an efficient online

 * New! Nitrogen driven piston wash device allowing a continuous flushing of the back of the pistons without

   user intervention.
Instrument Package
The Instrument package consists of the operating unit, which includes electronics unit, pumps, detection system, cooled autosampler. Plus:
• Analytical Column and top-up ion exchange resin
• Prewash Column and top-up ion exchange resin
• Ninhydrin and buffer bottles
• Operating software and interface cables Tool Kit
• Complete Chemical Kit suitable for up to 170 analyses (high performance method).
• Spare Parts and Consumables Kit
• Calibration Standard
• Power Cables
• BioSys control software and EZChrom Elite Data handling Software
• Qualification & Performance Verification Logbook
• Hewlett Packard desktop PC, Windows XP Pro, Hewlett Packard 19" TFT widescreen monitor
• Hewlett Packard Deskjet Printer
• User Manual (PDF format)

Instrument Specifications

* Reproducibility :
   - Area: Better than 0.5% RSD at 10 nanomoles.
   - Retention time: Better than 0.1%RSD
* Pumps : Two dual piston pumps with integrated pressure transducer and drain valve. Ceramic pump head,

               sapphire pistons and valves. Electronically controlled piston wash
* Operating Pressures :
    - Buffer pressure: maximum 150 bar
    - Ninhydrin pressure: maximum 24 bar
* Analytical Column :
    - High pressure PEEK column packed with Ultropac 8 cation exchange resin.Peltier heating/cooling system
* Sample Injection :
    - 3 injection modes (full loop, partial loop and micro), 84 position autosampler.
    - Sample volumes from 1µL to 5000µL. 200µL loop supplied as standard.
* Temperatures :
    - Column temperature variable between 20°C and 99°C.
    - Reaction Coil temperature adjustable between 40°C and 145°C (135°C is optimum).
* Software :
    - BioSys v3.0 control software
    - Biochrom Alias Manager autosampler control software
    - Latest version of EZChrom Elite Data Handling 21 CFR part 11 compliant
* Photometer :
    - Single flow cell with optical beam splitter with detection at 440nm and 570nm
* Weight and Dimensions :
    - Bench top Fluidics Cabinet: 50kg/110lbs, 48 x 59 x 57cm /19 x 23 x 22 inches
    - Autosampler: 21kg/46lbs, 30 x 57.5 x 36cm /12 x 23 x 14in
* Required Services :
    - Oxygen free Nitrogen gas (99.99%) or Argon gas regulated to 5 bar.
    - Drainage facility.
    - 240V/100V, 50Hz/60Hz, 300VA mains supply.
* Safety Systems :
    - Automatic shut down and reaction coil flushing in the event of :
      (1) Power failure
      (2) Photometer lamp failure
      (3) Low ninhydrin, buffer, coil and nitrogen pressures
      (4) High coil and column temperatures, high ninhydrin, buffer and coil pressures.